Aquarius Daily Horoscope for April 7

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Everything that comes to your life is the true reflection of the evolution of your being, so if you pay attention to the small details, you’ll find the answer to your concerns. The simplest things are usually the most authentic, don’t let appearances impress you.

It’s convenient that you learn to differentiate attachment from connection Aquarius. The connection with your partner will make you grow and feel happy, attachment creates dependency instead. Don’t give up your own life so as not to lose who you love, because love shouldn’t demand such sacrifices.

If you feel that something is failing in your love life, try to open your heart and let love flow. Your partner will respond positively, and if you don’t have a partner, your friends will appreciate your good feelings.


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If you want to spend on a treat don’t think about it twice, acting abundantly attracts more abundance. The flow of money is directly related to the flow of your energy, both emotionally and sexually. Don’t miss any occasion to enjoy yourself.

Remember that for money to flow positively in your life, the energy of the first chakra has to be balanced. Do exercises that activate and harmonise this chakra and you’ll see how your material well-being increases.

Don’t mistrust your ability to get everything you set out to achieve in your career. You have the necessary professional and personal skills to be taken into account.


If you continue tending to your internal desires you’ll be able to expand at all levels. Now that you’ve begun to walk down the path of self-knowledge, it isn’t time to throw everything away.

With your inner strength and the wisdom you have acquired, you’ll be able to recover from any setback regarding your health. However, this week in general and today in particular, your health won’t be significantly altered.

Use colours to make your dishes, if your body asks for red, give it red foods, even if it seems silly, each colour is related to specific nutrients and vitamins. Ask yourself what you need and give yourself the opportunity to pamper yourself like a mother would with her children.