Magical Horoscope 7
Magical Horoscope 7 | Daily Horoscope



Your family creates a strong sense of protection, as well as your partner. For you, they both come first. However... there's a specific relative that takes out your worst side.

They've got certain ways of acting and behaving with others that you're absolutely against. What can you do about it? Ask yourselves why the stars put someone like them in your lifepath. Perhaps you should improve your perspective and point of view towards them?

If you do some introspection, you'll reach interesting conclusions that'll be good both to know yourselves better and to understand that relative, thus softening and perhaps getting rid of conflicts between you.

Send them plenty of love, Aquarians, because they still are masters holding on to a precious life lesson you could learn yourselves.


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If you work on education, you're in luck, because your job will go smooth sailing. You'll learn new, incredibly priceless information, or you could even be highly satisfied upon seeing that you're doing your job well.

Passion in your job is key to succeed, and the reason why people will see you as a source of motivation. It's nice to see that while you're chasing your dreams, you encourage others to do the same by setting an example.

If you're not working on education, there'll be job openings connected in some way to selling whatever information you have to others. It could be as a teacher, an advisor...


Your health demands a basic medical check-up; you haven't known how your body's really doing for quite a while. Prevention is better than cure, Aquarians.

And if you're over 30, you should also go see your gynecologist or urologist, depending on your gender. If you're a lady, ask to get a mammogram, to detect possible lumps that shouldn't be there.

Something you should also be very mindful about is how your teeth are doing. Find time for a scheduled visit, or if you already feel some pain, the planets advise you not to bear with that issue any longer, because it could turn serious real quick.