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Your secret relationship could be taken under the public eye under the stars' current influence. If this is what you wanted, congratulations, you're getting your way! But you should bear with the consequences...

If you're not willing to take what's coming, because your loved ones don't approve or just because your relationship is forbidden, don't reach this stage. But if you really do want it, it will become known to everyone and you won't have to hide anymore.

At a friends' meet-up, you'll see new sides to your partner that will surprise you quite a bit. Past anecdotes with friends are fun, but they might upset you a little. It's just the past... Don't take it personally.

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There's nothing like not feeling you must do something to do you best. This is the case of Aquarians who work on their hobbies and don't see them as work anymore. This is the best stance for you as native Aquarians: working on a soulful job.

If you still haven't found a chance to do so, fight your way to specialise in what makes your heart happy.

You're well aware of the answer, but you shouldn't be ashamed to admit it out loud, nor should you think it's unreal. Think about all the jobs in the world and the people who do them. You can be special too!

Once the unrest and spark of originality are born in you, there's no way back. It might take you a while to realise your potential, but the stars can assure you that you'll have the job of your dreams sooner or later. Be patient to yourselves.


When going for a check-up, you need to bear with the doctor's complaints. Admit that you haven't done the best for your health and follow their orders.

Your rebellion will take you to avoid following your doctor's orders to the T, but you're the only victim here. Don't think that the doctor is like your parents trying to impose their will on you.

Embrace boundaries calmly, you're not proving yourselves to anyone. Only then will you enjoy a full life where your body is an ally instead of a nuisance.