Aquarius Daily Horoscope |



Devote all your attention to your relationship today, especially your sexual activity. This new energy that’s surrounding you and your beloved one can’t be ignored. You’ll enjoy moments of pleasure and eroticism like never before.

Make the most of this intimate approach with your partner to connect in a deeper way. Talk about your concerns and feelings, project the relationship towards the future and establish agreements that allow you to live in harmony.

Singles have the possibility before them of choosing between a passing romance or continuing as they are and expect something more serious. Whatever they choose, they should be very aware of the circumstances and not expect love where there’s only desire.

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Allow yourself to invest some money in realising a postponed dream. It can be a long trip, buying land, etc. It’s time to put your finances at your service and reward yourself for your work.

Speaking of work Aquarius, you know that you can improve your performance if you put a little more enthusiasm into your daily routine. You shouldn’t work more hours, but do things with greater enthusiasm and positivism.

The self-employed are experiencing a good time to expand their business. If you apply the principles you’ve learnt at a personal level to your company, nothing will stop your progress. Not accommodating is the key, as the stars will reward any decisive attitude in this regard.


Regarding your health, you’ll feel good today, both physically and emotionally.You’ll be rested and you’ll be able to do everything you propose. If you’ve stayed up late, your body won’t feel tired, so you can make plans and enjoy more leisure activities today.

Recover that good mood that characterises you and make it your main trait. Nothing can alter your state of mind if you want to keep feeling happy. Remember that events in life are transient.

Today you’ll feel inclined for everything that entails fun, whether it be music, group sports or other activity that makes you bring out your most childish part. Devote time to the game and feed your soul with laughter and carelessness today.