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Today the Aquarius horoscope predicts a very intense day in their love life. Those who are in a relationship will enjoy a lot of intimate connection with their partner and single people will have the opportunity to experience a rather intense love affair.

Certain conflicts are likely to come to light within families today.Aquarius, you shouldn’t insist on trying to be right all the time. On the contrary, you better listen to everything that people have to say and reflect on it.

Singles sign will find someone who’ll meet all their expectations at first sight. What you still have to find out is whether this person really suits you, or if, on the contrary, they come to complicate your life.

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Your finances will improve remarkably today thanks to the influence of someone with experience in financial matters. Follow their advice and you’ll soon see how your savings account grows, as well as your assets.

On the other hand, it’s very likely that today you have some difficulties at work. The measures you’ve taken to comply with your duties will be questioned. You shouldn’t react in a heated way if you want to maintain your position within the company.

Finally, Aquarius, the Magic Horoscope reminds you that things don’t happen just by waiting for them to happen. Do more of your share if you want to progress financially and professionally. Instead of getting carried away by circumstances, do something to change them.


Aquarius, today your horoscope predicts a bad day regarding your health. You’re surely recovering from a minor illness. However, this process will be somewhat slow, so you shouldn’t force your body to do things it doesn’t have the energy for.

On the emotional level, your internal concerns will be especially intense today Aquarius. To avoid ending up with a nervous breakdown, it’s best that you take a break and do something different. Set aside your worries today.

Finally, you have to be aware of everything around you, especially what your closest friends and family members tell you. In them you’ll find the support you need to relieve the physical and emotional discomfort you feel today.