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Aquarius, if you continue like this, you’ll spoil all the good things you have achieved so far in your relationships, especially with your partner. Stop for a few moments to think and discover the real reason for your discomfort, don’t blame your loved ones.

Today you could use a few moments alone to sort your thoughts and feelings out. Once and you can do this, it would be good if you spoke from the heart and apologised to those you have hurt.

Singles will have to focus if they want to get better results. Going from lover to lover is fine to have a fun time, but it isn’t the most efficient way to find a lasting relationship. Unless of course, that’s what you want. If so, you can only enjoy yourself and be honest with yourself and with those around you.


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The stars recommend, once again, to be patient about money. Things will improve soon, but worrying or making rash decisions won’t help you improve faster.

On a professional level, it is important that you stay alert, especially if you have your own business, because the time to close important agreements is coming and, if you aren’t fully present, you could get hurt.

On the other hand, your character is complicating things at work, as well as in your private life. Don’t let these moments of irritability splash your career, it’ll take you a long time to recover if that happens.


Your health is good Aquarius, but since your mental state is quite agitated these days, you can’t be disciplined when taking care of yourself. You’ve stopped playing sports, you eat badly, you don’t get enough rest. Watch those inconvenient habits.

As for your emotional health, your mind works a thousand miles per hour. That’s not good, because it doesn’t let you see things as they are. Do what you have to do to slow your thoughts down, find a method to relax.

With calmer nerves, you can make more accurate decisions, not only with regard to your health but also to your life in general and especially to your personal well-being.