Aquarius Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



You're perfectly aware of the fact that people get their hearts stolen through good conversations, and today you'll have more than one chance to test your talents on the art of seduction.

Your firey glance will pierce your victim's, giving them an immediate feeling of desire. They won't be able to stop thinking about you. That's how attractive your presence will be today, Aquarians.

This sexual energy will soon take you out of the single compound and enter the world of dating. No matter if you're a man or woman, wear something violet; it'll be the cherry on top. This colour will boost your most powerful native energy.




You might think that your charisma and convincing speech can open all doors for you, but that's absolutely not the case. You'll have to prove that you're not just a pretty face meant to hang around.

The current star influences will test you by setting a hard-to-solve situation on your path. In order to find the answer, you should search through your imagination for creative solutions that no one has thought of just yet.

It's also important to avoid making everything depend on how well you get on with your managers... You're putting off tasks that should have been already completed. Today's the day to finish off pending tasks.


Take your time to do some reflection on why you repeat behaviours that, deep down, you wish you didn't have.

Your past can be a seriously conditioning agent, and it's hard to overcome it, but not impossible. It might be just a little bit easier for you, Aquarians. Use your skills to project yourselves in the future, and change the behavioural patterns that do so much harm on you.

Escaping the shadows to cross into the light. That's the image you should picture in your mind when doubt attacks you. Foul companions might cloud your days, so perhaps it's time to start over on a clean slate.