Aquarius Daily Horoscope
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You feel the need to experience new, varied, complex sensations. Your extrovertedness will be running higher than ever. These days, you're experiencing a burst of life trying to get out and show itself to the world through your body, Aquarians.

Find the warmth and company of your friends, not just your partner. The latter might feel overwhelmed because they have their pending issues today, and won't be too receptive. It's a great idea to let them breathe for a little and know how your close friends are doing.

Your friends are a great escape route for the flow of nervous and blissful energy you are today. Try to bring as many friends and acquaintances together as you can, but you should know that one single perfect friend can fill up your heart with bliss too.

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Today you should just act and avoid saving anything in. Not financially nor energetically. Why should you save up? Choose to act here, now, right away, and you'll be building up your own future.

Get pending issues and unfinished business sorted out. Until you can release your thoughts from these heavy influences, you won't progress towards steady richness.

What's full richness? When you don't have to constantly worry about your financial stability. You're safe at work, safe about your actions... These are essential elements which will lead you towards free thinking and material realisation of your thoughts.


In order to have a calm atmosphere, you have to be calm and relaxed yourselves. And today, Aquarians, you'll be anything but. That's life in itself; your bliss will be sparkling, but just because you're momentarily excited about it.

When it fades, don't let it drag you down to the bottom, and keep a sense of healthy balance.

You stay away from that much needed calmness when you spend hours on end in front of the computer, you constantly say no to other people's requests, you keep spiraling through all your social networks...

On the other hand, you'll feel better about yourselves if you can give in to people's spontaneous gestures, schedule trips and walks around beautiful landscapes, find some time to rest... and of course, respect your body.