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You can love someone dearly, but unfortunately, that won't be enough for both of you to share the love life you're looking after, Aquarians. Pay attention, because there's no one better than you to open up your eyes to the truth.

Your partner's karma is too heavy and hard to handle, so they can't love people any better... You've already got enough going on for yourselves, so you shouldn't have anyone around making your life even more difficult.

But not all of it will be negative! Today you could see people staring at you without you even noticing it at first. You awaken people's curiosity without even trying.

Why stay stuck in a relationship that isn't working when there's tons of experiences out there ready to be lived?

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Every day is a new chance to give and receive. There's no poverty or unhappy place when daily riches are a hidden treasure, sometimes left unappreciated.

Daily shouldn't mean dreary; it should be a brand new fountain of excitement every day. Your personal richness is a set of tiny treasures!

How can you expect more from the universe if you don't appreciate what you've already got? Open the doors to your imagination, in order to realise that existence is a constant celebration.

Don't count your leftover coins, and focus instead on all the possible business deals you unwittingly dodge on a daily basis.


Without really knowing why, you feel kind of down, your sense of humour isn't the same as it used to be, and your desire to do interesting activities has pretty much gone.

Yoga and meditation could help you understand negative emotions. Also, steam baths get rid of toxins through the skin's pores and they perform an effective cleansing process that sort of 'restores' you in a way.

Go out for a walk and get some fresh air, Aquarians. You've been inbetween walls for too long a time, whether home or at work... If you meet up with friends, let it be in an open space.