Aquarius Daily Horoscope |




It’s a good time to love and be loved. Today is a good day to express your love, including eroticism and sensuality because the planet Mars is filled with strength and passion. Give love the rightful place in your life and don’t neglect a single detail.

If you don’t have a partner, you’re about to meet a person who’ll make you feel as if your head was in the clouds, you have many things in common and you’ll enjoy many good times. If you are able to look after them, they’ll stay in your life for a long time.

It’s not a time to be alone for Aquarius, because whether you have a partner or not, love is at its peak. Learn to appreciate and enjoy everything life brings you to the fullest.


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This is a very favourable time to do business and increase your income. Mercury is on your side, so you should trust your good instincts when accepting financial proposals that you feel are reliable.

You’re starting to break out of your comfort zone, which is very good news. Although this isn’t the time for major changes, you’re preparing to take a big step in your professional life.

Bring your potential to the surface, this will benefit you enormously, both at work and financially. You’ll earn extra money if you keep your performance at a hundred per cent and do your best.


All the emotional energy you’re moving in your love life is greatly benefiting your health. You find yourself with enough energy to get to the end of the day without feeling exhausted.

On the other hand, today you’ll feel some of worry and anguish. This is due to unresolved feelings. Don’t run away from your emotions Aquarius, accept that there are good and bad days and give yourself permission to feel what you have to feel at every moment.

If you learn to show your vulnerabilities, you’ll not only feel much better, but others will also respect you and forget that label of perfection you’ve worked so hard to acquire. Strength lies in human imperfection. Accept all your moments without judging them.