Aquarius Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



Your relationships will energise thanks to your appreciation of life. People want you to give them the sense of energy and bliss you have! Rather than making you a conflicting individual, a well-meaning Mars gives you an extra dose of vitality.

Don't send them away and share your desire for life. This is extremely attractive if you don't have a partner.

And even if you don't want to be in a relationship just yet, there's nothing bad about sharing good times with someone who's really appreciative of you. If you see someone sporadically, don't be that cold, Aquarians.

Be honest and express openly what you expect. Don't be afraid to shine; the other person will respect you, and your bond will definitely be much more human.


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Thanks to the sparkling energized aura you have about you, the environment around work will be dynamic.

You might even see a new workmate coming along. Welcome them the way they deserve, and give them as much information as they need. We've all been newbies somewhere at some point.

Or, the situation could be completely different; you might have just landed a new job, and the enthusiasm of making it through and getting the position might have quickly made room for the anxious feeling of not knowing what to do exactly every step and minute of the way.

If that's your case, don't worry. Ask for as much help as you need and watch closely what's happening around you.


Pampering yourselves and getting a treat is something quite desirable, but watch out! Skipping good habits too much causes the opposite effect to occur; bad habits can quickly take control of the situation.

Want something sweet for dessert? Instead of having processed carbs every day (cakes, cookies and so on), fruit can be an excellent alternative, and just as tasty.

In fact, there's certain exotic fruits you'd love if you gave them a chance. Their flavour explosion into your mouth will render you speechless... Try papaya with some honey. Delicious!