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Your charisma and attraction are fascinating to everyone, and it's easy for you to earn their trust by showing pleasing, non-threatening personality traits. Uranus and Neptune come together to make you a living, breathing fascinator!

These days you tend to be romantic and have elevated, yet unrealistic goals, because there's a conflict between your impulse to act and the willingness to assume responsibility for the results.

You'll have to be extremely cautious in your relationship, because your imagination tends to cloud your wisdom.

If you don't have a steady partner, you can become easily involved in an alliance that might be too embarrassing for the public eye to know. Is that person already engaged, or even married? Then perhaps you should find love elsewhere, Aquarians...

Don't trick others, or you're running the risk of being tricked yourselves.

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Your enthusiasm isn't always cautious or properly directed. Almost everything we do out of impulse implies that disenchantment will come along.

Before you act, you need to be realistic and assess whether it's worth to spend your energy.

At work, it'll be hard to focus, but you can reach some interesting results as soon as you focus a little. On the other hand, your workmates won't know what to expect from you. This is a negative influence on your economy if you can't control this trend.

You should develop your imagination to the max these days. Drama and show business could be the right fields of expertise for your active imagination and great creative potential. If you can't make money, at least you'll develop a useful skill for the business world, and you'll have fun with it.


Good health, plenty of energy and excellent vitality. Also, your loved ones are quickly and completely restoring their own health.

Tiredness is temporary, stress is manageable, and the headaches will go away as soon as you control your sleep hours. Everything else in your body works fine, or you're in the process of full recovery, Aquarians.