Aquarius Daily Horoscope for June 9

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Your attitude towards love is more serious because you understand that not everything is games and having fun. Today you’ll show you’re at the service of your loved one, making communication and the exchange of affection and tenderness easier.

Emotional intimacy will be important today, so you’re likely to share very deep moments with your loved ones. Both your family and your partner will be very closely today.

Single natives are still in search of personal pleasure, which is fine, but they have to understand that sometimes, they need to think with their heart more than with their head. The way you treat others is what will attract the kind of person you reject.


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Financial matters are favoured and encouraged by the presence of Saturn in sextile with Neptune during this period in June. This will help those who work in solidarity environments finalise very important projects.

Businesses are blessed by good fortune and good mood also helps achieve good results. You’ll find solutions to small problems that worry you quite easily.

You feel that your financial and professional world is on the right track and that’s the way it is. Don’t miss opportunities and always invest in your future plans. You’ll meet people who’ll propose very interesting and beneficial associations at a financial level.


You’re ready to take control of your health. Take the leap and leave everything that hurts you behind. If you’re trying to lose weight or quit smoking, now is the time, because you have the courage and strength to achieve it.

If you go out for a walk through nature, take the opportunity to sit for a few minutes and contemplate the landscape in total silence and communion with what surrounds you. This simple exercise will calm you down deeply.

Remember to be consistent with your thoughts, words and actions, your emotional stability depends on it. If you make a mistake, rectify, and don’t try to justify your actions with excuses. Impeccability is the necessary premise for happiness.