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Your Aquarius Horoscope for 2019

Yearly Horoscope for Aquarius
Magic Horoscope Yearly 2019 | Magic Horoscope



You have strong experiences awaiting you this 2019 emotionally speaking, but they're also quite happy! You should expect celebration all around, especially when it comes to your family.

There'll be plenty of stability in your partnered life, although there might be one or two bumps in the road. But under a general scope, you'll be happy and relaxed with your other half, that's great!

Stability, however, doesn't equal boredom. This year you'll feel ready to try new things out and especially, to bring some change. You'll feel very communicative and ready to learn from others, but with the lucky break of a steady relationship.

As far as your social life is concerned, you'll find that mingling around is relaxing, and you'll have fun times with your loved ones. That also includes a good aura to get rid of those negative individuals that darken your life. Quite some balance in your romantic relationships this 2019, Aquarians.

If you're single, the first part of the year will be quite fruitful because you'll be able to sort out and heal old wounds from past romances, in order to find love around April.

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When it comes to this year, you'll start strong at work, Aquarians. There'll be plenty of energy and you'll want to eat the world up. There's very positive change coming. You'll be killing it everywhere you go!

Thousands of ideas and projects will be carried out with a positive yet feisty attitude.

You won't be missing out on the tensions of changing jobs if you're not exactly pleased, but it'll work well... There'll be new business around, or just the ability to work on your creativity on your field of expertise.

If your job is already creative, you'll have many innovative ideas that you'll need to make happen without a single trace of doubt. Showcase them immediately and you're bound to succeed! You'll take giant steps, there's no doubt about that. The downside of this overwhelming strength is that work might feel too hard to handle. Set some boundaries.

If you're taking a public exam, this is definitely your year to enter that field or find a job in the career of your dreams.


Stay alert for your own intuition to strengthen your health. Pay attention to any symptom you might experience, because it will depend on your ability to prevent and care for the early signs that illnesses go no further.

This year you'll not only reach physical, but especially sexual balance. Sex with contraception is a great source of health and wellness.

The most important months for your health will come along from September onward, which is when you'll reach completeness.

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