Horoscope For Those Born Under the Aquarius Sign for Friday 20th April by Magic Horoscope

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Aquarians, you're spontaneous and pretty impulsive. You have such a multifaceted personality that sometimes it's hard for you to pay attention to one single person. You won't get a partner that way!

But then, loneliness hits you hard, and you're not too okay with this. Love is right there waiting for you to embrace it.

Stay as you are. It's just a matter of degrees. Slow your attitudes and behaviours down a bit and you'll find harmony with other people.

Our message for dating Aquarians is that it's wonderful to be yourself with someone else, but there's attitudes that need to be fixed for the sake of the relationship.

We also like people being considerate to us, right?


One day you could eat the world up, and you can't handle anything the next. Why is this happening? These variations come when you're not sure of what you're doing. You need to believe in your goals more.

Break up your bonds with everything, start from scratch. It's obvious that your current situation isn't motivating.

Your partner or family will support you in your choices. This is the chance you needed so desperately.

Self-employment would be the most rewarding for you. You hate depending on people and being bossed around. It's your reality, you were born to raise above the rest.

You're obviously skilled and knowledgeable, you're Aquarians! Be your own boss and say farewell to the managers.

Now it's your turn to do some research on how to profit from your own work.


You have the strange habit to find activities or routines that satisfy and fulfill you, to send them away from you the next time around.

You're not persistent with your health. You tend to live outside your body, and in the kingdom of your mind.

You need to give what makes you feel happier and healthier the importance it deserves.

Today you'll go back to that pleasant activity you used to do. Having no time isn't an excuse! You can always get it from somewhere else. Get off the couch, Aquarians.