Aquarius Magic Horoscope for 27th April

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Aquarius is the sign of friendship. As a native Aquarian, you can't understand life without people with whom to share your thoughts.

But don't get it wrong, you need to pull your head out of social networks, Aquarians. They're addictive for you.

It's a tool to use as a loudspeaker for your original ideas. You can reach many people's minds, but what's the point if these ideas aren't argued or backed up?

You need face-to-face contact. Real connections are what fill the soul. Don't live life halfway, the effort will be worth it.

Throughout today you'll meet someone that you don't know much, but they'll invite you to a party or a meet-up. Or a cup of coffee. Propose, interact, live!


It's time to spend money on the resources, materials or goods that would make things easier for you.

You tend to make do with what you've got, even with enough money. But if you have some extra cash, why not make your life easier?

You've got a hermit's soul and you can't help it. Saturn, the planet of restrictions, is one of your rulers.

You should think of this as a long-term investment, and no one's better than you at maximising the potential of your purchases, Aquarians.

You could even use your creativity to customise some old apparel pieces and sell them! Do a test run at a charity market first. You've got nothing to lose, and it could be fun.


You'll feel more connected to energy. You think things through and you feel the urge to do them right away. Sometimes you get lost in procrastination. Be thankful for that impulse.

You'll invest part of that positive attitude into some self-care. Today you can do sport, eat healthy, and then go out for a party if you feel like it.

Your balance lies in variety; trying out different activities and choices keeps your youthful spirit alive no matter how old you are, and that makes people jealous!