Full Aquarius Magic Horoscope Forecast for Friday

Your Health, Money and Love Horoscope for Today, 6th April
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Your energy will be focused on other issues rather than your relationship. You should expect a call from the hospital; someone you love will be taken there, most likely a relative. You could also go there to visit your partner.

The best way to face today will be by keeping your inner harmony and giving support. Let yourself be cared for as well. You'll both be kind of upset, but it won't be too serious.

Leaving all negative events aside, this visit will bring together relatives that you hadn't seen in a while. It's a wake-up call from the stars to bring you together when the family's at stake.

Single Aquarians will be in for a day to find love in a hospital. You'll meet someone with whom you share a humanistic point of view to life.



Today you may receive some money from home maintenance or house cleaning duties. You're not embarrassed to do that.

Private tutoring is also something to think about. Your friends or an acquaintance with children might ask you for that favour. You'll get decent money but it will be a side job.

Also, you'll get some money you didn't count on. It will be quite a large sum. And just because you ran a deep cleanse through the house. That's great! Now you've got extra motivation to do house chores on a Friday.


You feel more aware of what your body's going through. The waning moon brings you back inside.

But be careful about locking yourself off too much. If you're too controlling about the signs your body is sending, you could mistake a one-time illness with the most deadly of diseases. And going online will just make it worse!

If you feel really ill, go to the doctor instead.