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Full Horoscope for Aquarius for This Coming Friday 13th July by Magic Horoscope

Astral Prediction for Today, Friday
Aquarius Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



No matter how satisfied you are with your partner, sometimes they give you surprising glimpses of immaturity. You still don't know if they're for better or worse.

Don't be so tough, Aquarians. It's okay for their behaviour with you to be different to their public one. They can relax!

Let them keep their inner child alive. Otherwise, they'll become bland and grey. And no one wants a person like that... If they have exotic hobbies, get interested, as childish as they may seem.

Might it be time to let loose a little? Share a fun activity. Play and have fun! This will strengthen your bond.

If you have children, the stars encourage you to have some playtime with them. It's the best way to prove them you love them, Aquarians.


You'll receive great sums of money from the most unexpected of places as if you had a money-calling magnet for riches. You don't get lucky breaks like these every day. Jupiter's smiling down on you!

Because of this great star's influence, you'll have an easy time expanding your professional network, and you could even get compensated for your work. You can work endlessly, but it would be unlikely to happen without an economic boost.

This is a day to be thankful and share some of that luck. If you do something nice for a colleague, it'll generate a tremendous flow of positivity. Be nice, Aquarians!


Do you eat less salads than you should because you find them boring? As native Aquarians, it's no mystery that you like uncommon flavours. You love finding new sensations, and taste is one of your top favourites!

In that case, you'll love to try the celery and green apple salad. The acidity of the green apple perfectly matches the celery, which gives an original flavour to the salad.

Besides, both apple and celery are your best allies if you're watching your weight. They'll help you lose some extra weight, as well as with your digestion.