Aquarius Daily Horoscope |



Mars' violence against native Aquarians will bring sudden breakups. You're naturally prone to dissension in your pursuit for the truth and the common good.

It'll be like a gust of fresh air. Beyond the pain and despair, you'll feel a weight come off your shoulders. Your now former partner hindered your chances of reaching new heights of personal improvement, Aquarians.

You could always be friends. You're highly tolerant and don't judge at all.

The fact that you no longer share a goal doesn't mean you can enjoy each other's company. After some well-deserved time to heal up, of course.


Be careful and don't talk back too much at work, Aquarians. It's one thing to defend your rights, and a completely different thing to do it aggressively and rudely.

You're running the risk of quitting your job, whether it's you, the environment, or unfair dismissal!

Pending trials at the courthouse will be especially tough to deal with. Our star advice is not to lose your temper at any time; otherwise, you'll lose.

Besides, that fight-oriented climate will affect your finances. Pay attention to your savings, because you could find out you've been charged for services for which you haven't explicitly given your permission and consent.


You will be at breaking point. You normally see yourselves as calm individuals, but it's no wonder that you'll come to feel stressed. Circumstances will be too overwhelming for you.

You'll have to make big efforts to come back to an oasis of peace and calmness, because your head's about to burst. And also, it's incredibly harmful for your heart, Aquarians.

Practise some deep-breathing exercises. Visualise landscapes and scenes that bring your heart some peace. If you pair that up with relaxing music, you'll feel calmer after just a few minutes of practice.