Aquarius Daily Horoscope
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It's finally Friday, and you're so ready to escape your routine. You'll feel like taking your partner somewhere you've never been, or sharing your craziest ideas with them.

The conversation won't exactly take off, and your partner won't feel like making an effort to go out. Sorry!

Their start of the weekend won't be ideal. The week was rough on them and they're completely exhausted.

Something more relaxed, at home or somewhere intimate, will be much better. There's more days to go crazy, Aquarians. Today is certainly not such a day.

If you're single, don't go out looking for a bed partner. You'll be disappointed. Have fun with friends, and don't go much further.


Revise your ideas well, because your confusion will make communication at work a little muddy. People will think you're too much of a dreamer.

Tasks will be delayed because your part of the work isn't done yet. You like taking your own pace, but this time the situation demands you to make it go a little faster.

This will lead you to make some serious mistakes. If you set yourselves the goal of solving them right ahead, there won't be many more consequences aside from a manager telling you off.

Anyone can have a bad day and today will be so. The stars encourage you to pay closer attention at work, for your own good.


It's no use to post health advice on social networks if you're not going to follow it! Start by putting the simplest advice into practice.

It's not that everything's valid, but it is true that practice will make you perfect, and not thinking that you'd like to do this or that.

Because of your current situation, the Magic Horoscope recommends you to take care of your legs and knees by avoiding sudden movements.

Use kneepads if you're going to do full-contact activities.