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Aquarius Forecast for Friday 8th June by Magic Horoscope

Astral Horoscope for Today, Friday
Aquarius Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



You'll have a sweet day for love. You'll want more people around. This time you don't feel like playing your usual mind games. You'll feel a gust of fresh air in your heart, Aquarians.

Your favourite people will also want to be with you. You'll send off a special energy and gleam. They'll probably be puzzled and tell you about it.

If you want a steady relationship, today's the day. Venus is on your side. Displays of affection will be subtle.

Exchanging thoughts is important, but don't forget to show what you feel through the small things. Your actions validate your ideas and sink deep into people's hearts.


Don't be upset, but it's time to do something new. You may have a good job where you've worked for too long. You get bored and have no mental challenges to motivate you.

You're carrying responsibilities that aren't yours. If you think about it, that's the truth. It's a way to avoid looking for knowledge and staying where you are.

When did you get lost? The people around you are too much of an influence. Find company in innovative individuals.

The stars point out that it's time to change jobs, perhaps even countries! Expand your mind, Aquarians. It's up to this that you evolve as a person.


A full moon reveals you'll have finished your thought-changing process, which makes you care more and better for your health. In other words, you're at a stage where you finally feel you've overcome an addiction. Congratulations!

To keep focusing attention in good vibrations, you have to send those good energies to a stone. You'll be able to carry it with you at all times, and when you squeeze it, you'll immediately feel the support of that energy, Aquarians.

Onyx is the most appropriate as a health charm for native Aquarians. If it's white, it'll work even better!

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