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Aquarius Magic Horoscope Astral Prediction for 16th March

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It's time to open your heart to your excited solicitor. For a long time you've been guarding your intimacy closely. Your well-tempered heart has helped you to take in the criticism.

The problem about those barriers is that the contents inside can wilt from losing contact with the outside world. Open your heart, there's people around who just want you to be happy.

To forget about your fears, know the other person well. Do you know your opinions on love? And their function in life? Knowledge throws light on all shades! You'll live an unforgettable experience if you dare to love.


You make your superiors change their mind with your natural gift. You get a contract that will give you financial stability. Lucky you! You won't admit, Aquarians, but you were seriously worried.

If you have free time, it's great for your career not to put off those mails you should have sent long ago. Sometimes your job doesn't end when your shift is over, especially if you're hoping for excellence!

We know you don't like being too competitive but sometimes circumstances leave you with no other choice. In a short while, you'll be getting a well-deserved break. Don't give up just yet!


You're so ready to go out and party, share some quality time with friends, going on that wild nature adventure... But you're ignoring the signs your body is sending. A fever is coming.

You may be already feeling the symptoms, although you'll also feel your immune system becoming weaker. You get a sore spot on your lips every time that happens.

But the world isn't over just because you don't give it your all on Friday! It will be best for you to take a break; otherwise, physical consequences could be really serious. Watch out!