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Aquarius Astral Horoscope for Friday 23rd March by Magic Horoscope

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Aquarians, no matter how much you lock yourselves out, your fate is to give in to love.

You'll find someone special, like you've never met before, on your path.

You'll meet them today or these days, although it's also likely that they're among your acquaintances but you just haven't noticed.

They seem to have a clear mind and deep thoughts on the world.

What you don't know is that those beautiful traits are part of you too. Love will help you bring out the best in yourselves.

Many people can be dating and never meet true love.

They look for physical attraction or getting along with the other person, and they settle down with that.

Feel fortunate, Aquarians, because you won't be one more fish in the sea. You'll grow as a person thanks to this relationship.


What's the best that could happen today? Visualise it, because you'll bump into a genius who will make your dreams come true.

You're fortunate enough to be engraved into reality. You're not visualising a rich man pointing at you in the middle of the crowd to give you money bags aplenty, right? Expect a raise, loans, a new job... That sort of thing!

Aquarians who take a side path to get money will receive a reward for their effort.

It's important not to be intimidated by people who say you won't get anywhere. Today you've got a special vibe on.


When you finally manage to get rid of headaches, today you'll be full of health.

Not caring so much about your concerns and issues will bring you to naturally focus on your health habits. It won't be a problem for you to eat healthy and do some exercise.

Visit a relative at the hospital because you'll extend your good vibes to them.

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