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Full Aquarius Magic Horoscope for Friday, 2 March

Full Forecast for Today, Friday
Aquarius Daily Horoscope |



For some strange reason, you feel it's getting harder to communicate with your partner. You've fallen into the classic meaningless conversation you've always criticised other couples for having. The horror!

Aquarians, don't despair, you haven't lost any of your spark or wit. Mercury is just fallen behind right now, and that affects you by making you less fluent than usual.

It all happens for a reason. This is the way stars encourage you to look within. Developing shared silences can be quite the unique experience.

People aren't just made of words! Your words are an expression of your mind, but your silent presence also conveys countless emotions.

Just for today, try doing this exercise: look into your partner's eyes for four minutes, completely silent. If you don't have one, gather round two friends and look into each other's eyes. You'll strengthen your bond beyond usual.


Making your ideas profitable will depend on where you're moving around. The chameleon can use its camouflage to adapt to different circumstances; follow its example.

Today's the perfect day to jump into the void. Change cities and go somewhere your wide range of ideas is suitably appreciated. It's no good being the big fish in the small fish bowl, and you know that.

Study your possibilities. Changing homes and having your family and partner come with you is easier than you think. The stars will give you their blessing on these issues and you'll encounter a receptive environment.


Exercise without a healthy diet is useless; working without previous mental exercising is useless. In the same way, taking care of your health without keeping your home clean is useless.

Bacteria store themselves wherever your eyes can reach. You rush and clean the kitchen, leave the toilets spick and span... and it so happens that the largest source of bacteria we expose ourselves into is in our phones.

Grab a pad and apply a surface cleaner to run it through your phone screen. You'll see your health significantly improve.

Something else we don't pay attention to is changing pillowcases. They're the perfect nest for dust mites!