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Full Aquarius Magic Horoscope Prediction for Friday March 30th

Health, Money and Love Horoscope for Today, Friday
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Bad news: you'll have an incident with your phone. You might be wondering what's love got to do with it. In a global connected world, not having a phone turns you into a social outcast!

This way, not having your phone because of the circumstances is your secret way to get rid of the device. You're sort of thankful to stay away from it.

People keep overwhelming you. You don't get why there's such an obsession with instant messaging and its issues. It seems that if you don't answer texts right away, you're committing a personal affront.

Before leaving your phone aside, it would be useful if you set some communication boundaries. That simple. Use your assertiveness; express what you want putting aggressiveness aside.


Your friends or workmates will suggest going for a few rounds, because it's a Friday. You open your wallet and find out you're running on empty.

Maybe it's best if you went straight home. But a kind friend will want to buy you a drink anyway. That's what friends are for! You can give them back the favour another day.

If you can, try to attend this meet-up. Stars have saved you a spot on a meet-up with a person who'll give you interesting solutions to your financial situations.

Does it sound silly? It isn't! Your fate implies using your wit and communicational skills. Open yourself to others so that they can help you, you're not alone.


Another rough night? If you have a heavy dinner, it's likely that you'll feel pain when sleeping; you may even be the victim of nightmares. 

If your thoughts are what stop you from sleeping, you'll have to work on your anxiety. Join yoga or pilates lessons.

Finally, make sure your bedroom has all commodities needed for a good night's sleep.