Aquarius Daily Horoscope
Aquarius Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



This is a day with a magic flair for love. Trust your instinct! If you're a man, you can win the heart of a distant, faraway woman. If you're a woman, you may have some extra charm and appeal right now.

There will be people who you didn't even dream of spending time with. Use your attraction power wisely.

In any case, you should know that relationships will be fulfilling and very gentle, almost mother-like. They will be packed with honesty and romance.


Today you lost your objectivity and direction, you feel you're getting weaker and losing your drive. Perhaps this is due to the exhaustion that's been piling up on your shoulders during the week? Your good ideas may not be properly attended and listened to.

Stars advise you to have a low profile until you find a good environment around you. You need to find a way to make others understand you.

You still want to do things, but your pathway isn't clear. You need to double-check your goals and resolutions.

Someone who's jealous of you is sending off negative vibes. Make your ideas reach their appropriate receivers; otherwise, others will take advantage from your wit.


Be very careful with contractures. You could think of this weekend as your last ever. Concerts, camping or just sleeping in a bad posture can give you a one-way ticket to the physical therapist's office.

Your neck muscles will be especially sensitive. Don't do too many sudden moves. You shouldn't be diving head first into the water either.

We also advise you to be careful with the joints on your limbs, especially your knees and wrists.

Stars encourage you to act mindfully and in moderation, because otherwise time will take a toll on your body.