Aquarius Daily Horoscope |



Bringing together two lives into a relationship to create a common project can be complicated. Making their goals match and get on the same page is even more so.

Long-distance relationships can work, but only for a while. These reflections will get you prepared for what's coming. One of you will get an excellent chance to grow... in another country!

To your understanding, Aquarians are bulletproof for almost everything. A change will bring new stimuli and experiences.

Now's the time to grow somewhere else. It's also the perfect chance to start over building new sorts of friendships.

Love will win and life together will be very satisfying, or that's what the stars say, at least. If you're single, you'll meet a remarkable individual on a trip abroad.


You may wonder whether you have the right job. Doubts cloud your mind now that you're aware of staff reduction.

If you're hardworking, you shouldn't be afraid at all. Your efforts and especially your personality will allow you to stay in the company for as long as you want.

Your team-making ability is highly valued. No matter whom you're working with, you always know how to make everyone give their 100%.

Still, do anything you can to improve. Especially at a time when things seem to be a bit tense. Find a way to do more in less time.

For unemployed Aquarians, there's chances of getting a job in the service industry. Mercury is in harmony with Saturn, the ruler of native Aquarians.


Throughout today you'll feel yourself in sync with everyone's inner moods. In what sense? Being near nervous people will make you feel nervous. The same will happen if you get surrounded by negative people.

Choose wisely with whom you spend your time, Aquarians. Especially when your health depends on it. Get surrounded by the positive people in your life. You'll have better days to devote time to your less optimistic friends.