Aquarius Magic Horoscope for This Coming Monday, April 16th

The Future Prediction from the Stars for Today, Monday
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You hadn't initially planned to see that person on a Monday. Your whole schedule will come crashing down!

Reconciling work with relationships isn't always easy. Stars will encourage you to make that worthy effort.

This way you'll work on getting a flexible mind. Just as much as people need you, someday you'll need others without a previous warning.

Planet vibrations signal that a sudden encounter with someone you haven't seen in a while will occur. That person will need someone who really listens. Use your tolerance, Aquarians.


You'll feel less worthy these days because you're not working on what you want. Why this hopelessness? It's time to start a new chapter, Aquarians.

It's true that events define where we go, but they aren't final. It's the words we say to ourselves what makes us who we are.

Events and people around you give you the bricks and materials to build your fortress, but you're the one to choose how to arrange and mold them.

In your case, change will come when you change the story you tell yourself about who you are and what you've lived.

If you feel yourself stuck and don't know how to change, find help in psychology experts. You'll take great advantage from new mental strategies.


You'll experience some minor health issues which will leave as fast as they came. It's just a brief reminder that you should try to care for your health.

You spend a long time forcing your machinery, your very own body. Just this once, land safely and get your attention upon your body.

Focalise your energies to find out about better habits and lifestyles. If the usual regular diets and exercise make you feel bored, try finding new alternatives out there.

You'll have no problem in getting brand new habits for yourself. Perhaps the ones that were imposed on you don't fit you at all! That's why you focus so little on yourself. Arrange daily rituals that fill you.