Magic Horoscope Reveals Your Aquarius Horoscope for Monday April 23rd

Health, Money and Love Prediction for Today, Monday
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Vibrations will feel strange in love. Things will be too intense for average Aquarians. All of a sudden, everyone will want you in their lives, and of course, you need lots of space of your own.

Get organised and set your priorities. Or, if you've been prioritising your partner above all else, it's okay if they aren't your main concern for one day.

Besides, you control this perfectly; you know they'll come desperately seeking you the next day if you don't pay them as much attention as usual.

Something similar will happen to single Aquarians. But in your case, this effect will be more powerful on workmates. You'll think you've sprayed pheromones on yourself. You won't have enough hands to get people off of you!


Your week starts in a very strange way... There'll be a call from someone asking for help, or willing to give you information on some business to end up disappearing.

This shouldn't affect you at all; if they think you'll be intrigued, they think wrong. It's easy for you to find people who have nothing better to do than absorbing your energy.

Forget about these ridiculous dares and focus on your job. If you're looking for a chance at business, don't you dare listen to blabbermouths who promise everything without explaining how to get it.


The weekend has marked you deeply. It seems that your body doesn't recover from excess as quickly as before. Your usual pains are coming back, although it's nothing out of the ordinary. At least you're still breathing.

That's good, Aquarians, but start to consider the possibility of visiting your doctor. Time for a full medical. Losing your balance takes a toll on you, but you'll come back to your feet once you know where you've been going wrong.