Aquarius Horoscope Prediction for This Coming Monday 2nd April by Magic Horoscope

Your complete Forecast for Today, Monday
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Today you're in the mood for love. You feel great and want to share your inner wealth! It'll be easy with your partner, because they'll be receptive. Give them a nice Monday with a romantic surprise.

You may also be surprised by a friend coming from abroad. Or you might get news from a friend that you haven't heard from in quite a while.

If you're single, you're on the right track. But you'll have to meet many people before. True love isn't tied to the first person you bump into in the street. Be picky, Aquarians.

You know what's the best part? You'll find what you want... when you stop looking! If you show the real you, that person will come into your life by themselves.


You'll get some information at work and if you can read between the lines, you'll get a lot of profit from it.

It's best to use your wisdom to get some improvements going. Don't make anyone  miserable! Remember that all the evil you do will come back sooner or later.

You'll develop a proposal to speed up production or a new way to do things... Your ideas and suggestions will be very welcome.

Having this much drive will bring you great consequences. You'll be seen under a new light.

Maybe the consequences won't be immediate. But that promotion will come sooner than you think. Meanwhile, keep working hard.


You spent all weekend doing nothing and now you want to feel good as new... That's not how things work around here!

It's obvious that your body won't respond. You'll have minor muscle pains or even extreme tiredness even after sleeping well. Muscles and joints need proper work.

A good way to do that is through exercise. You're well aware that a day is long enough to go running for at least half an hour.