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Aquarius Magic Horoscope for 26th February

Check Your Forecast for Today, Monday 26th February
Aquarius Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



Since it's a Monday, you probably won't be feeling so romantic. Your partner has a hard time understanding this, after the two of you shared love and cuddles throughout the weekend...

Luckily for you (or maybe not) you understand that there's times for everything. You don't understand everyone else's obsession to get together. Don't they have things to do?

Try to show some empathy if you don't want to be part of the drama. And the week is just barely starting...

Because of Venus' vibrations, these arguments won't have great consequences. It will be a brand new day tomorrow, and fortunately, you'll have done some work or cleared off the questions that required your full attention.

This is a calm day for single Aquarians, although they should expect surprises by the end of the month...


Stepping on someone else to 'climb up' is the wrong way to use your power, and you know it. Maybe you've got what it takes to get your way now, but perhaps using that influence turns out to be a complete failure in the end.

That's why the stars advise you to take a break; just prepare your few next moves and make that be enough to close the deal.

Channel today's energies into doing a good job, to reach recognition naturally without having to step on anyone else.


Having some alone time to think deeply always helps you get a greater perspective, and it makes it easier for you to make decisions.

15 minutes a day could give you a nice schedule in your life that you'll always be thankful for.

In other news, some blockage in your energy flux because of Neptune's barriers against your sign could make you retain fluids.

Make sure you have enough water today. Storing urea in your body could lead to developing kidney stones.