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Aquarius Magic Horoscope Forecast for this Coming Monday 23rd July

Full Prediction for Today, Monday
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You haven't done that well in love in the past, but it finally seems like you've found someone who brings you peace. They definitely make your days happier.

Still, they won't be good enough for your acquaintances. Give your friends time to take it in. Your date's shyness won't be welcome among your friends at first.

There's a friend who was happy you were single, and now they'll be resentful. You don't share as much time anymore with them. Quit arguments and let them know they're still in yor life, even if someone else is in your heart.

Don't force things or try to make your partner and friends mingle all the time; all pieces will eventually fit together. They'll understand your new partner makes you happy, and they'll respect you!


The changes coming up at work won't be easy. There needs to be a resetting process of the tasks you've been doing up to now. Getting nervous is not an option. Show your adaptation skills.

Simplicity will work wonders today, both in projects and in your performance at work. If you need to say something, be honest. No hints or double-sided statements.

Make the most of your routine by focusing on the issues that require your full attention once you're out of work. Then you'll have lots of free time.


If you're allergic, be very careful with your diet. Especially if you go out for lunch or dinner at a street food shack. It could contain traces of those food items that are harmful for your body.

Whether you're allergic to them or not, shrimps and raw fish will send you to hospital all the same. Their poor condition will bring you a case of food poisoning.

If you still can't help ordering a nice serving of seafood after all these warnings, make sure you ask the waiter about how it's been stored and preserved.