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Aquarius Magic Horoscope Prediction for This Coming Monday

Check Your Horoscope for Today, Monday
Aquarius Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



Don't let anyone break your romantic bond and fight for the life of your relationship.

Today is a day with a Martian flair. The willingness for battle will be on an upward trend. Everything annoys you and, to your understanding, everything is essentially done the wrong way.

Maybe that's the case, but what's the use of getting mad? Some people will deliberately try to set you off. Do you really want to give them the pleasure of watching you suffer?

If arguments aren't born in your relationship, family will also be an issue. They'll want to judge your relationship and give you opinions which you didn't ask for.


You'll find you've been charged with something that will leave your finances trembling.

Saving is your only available measure towards the upcoming month. That's the disadvantage of never having emergency money! The stars have tried to teach this to you over and over but you still haven't got it, Aquarians.

Fortunately, some money you loaned a while ago will come back. Or at least a part of it will come back into your wallet.

Minor profits in one-time activities will also be of help.

If you're unemployed Aquarians, at a job interview you'll be asked to dress smart, and you'll even be required to change something about your outer look which will affect you.

You shouldn't be too fussy about this; otherwise, you won't get in.


Joint pain is something you've long become used to. That's wrong! From today, you can carry out an action plan to stop making this an issue, Aquarians.

Even if it's a chronic illness, you can't just give up and leave yourselves to the mercy of luck. There's always ways to ease the pain so that you barely remember you're going through it.

Regardless of what caused the illness, regular exercising will help you get rid of bloating. A walk or mild tone-up exercises will do wonders on you, allowing you to improve your life quality.