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Aquarius Magic Horoscope Forecast for this Coming Monday 5th March

Full Prediction for Today, Monday
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Starting a new stage in love may be tough, but don't get lost among obstacles. Enjoy the bliss from a new life together!

Your partner will take the lead in giving in to your every wish, you could even say they're willing to give you the whole world to make you happy.

Today you'll start to think seriously about bringing a child to the world. It's barely even a project, you want to enjoy your own lives first... But you're already thinking of names!

Stars predict you'll get a blessing with healthy children. Besides, you'll make sure they receive the best education from the bottom of your loving heart.

If you're single Aquarians, you'll be in for an encounter wherein to find passional and mental love. Your perfect match!


Today you'll be experiencing a deeply conflicting dilemma. On the one hand, you've got anxiety and material needs. You've set all your drive and devotion into progress or making investments.

On the other, you feel the urgency of not taking time or quality of life off the other areas of your existence, such as your family, your partner or social life.

You know how to handle all these issues more or less skilfully, but you don't always make it. You'll have to set priorities to manage time and divide it appropriately. You shouldn't want to do everything in one day, the key here is to program things on the long run.

Work as much as you can today because there's an incoming last-minute challenge to test your juggling skills.


You're in tip-top shape, the results are finally showing after how careful you've been.

If you're following a treatment, the news coming are excellent. If you're going through a long-term illness, recovery will be satisfactory.

Your sensible perspective towards life helps to boost your good mood. Your health grows stronger when you analyse incoming information calmly.







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