Aquarius Daily Horoscope
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Meeting up with someone behind your partner's back can be considered risky by many people.

Are the other person's intentions clear enough as to try to have a real friendship? What about your intentions, Aquarians?

Because if the reasons are clear, you shouldn't have to hide, right? Very simple, because you perfectly know they'll get mad. They don't understand this need of yours to create bonds with your own gender and the opposite one.

You need to reflect about your relationship. If you really are going to allow this to happen, without consensus, be ready for the consequences.

They will end up bringing subtle prohibitions into other areas of your life. You'll have given them full power. Act upon your own criteria. Stars are on your side.


Your financial ups-and-downs come from irregular situations. For whatever reason that's unknown to you or justified, money doesn't come in at the right time. Things are at a standstill.

This is a lack of respect to your work. If you start looking for another job, you're acting out of self-love. It's either that or awaiting for the point of no return: being thrown out of the company after it went bankrupt.

Sadly, there's no comfortable option in your situation. Try to make some extra money in temporary jobs. If you keep looking, you'll find this temporary solution while on the lookout for something steadier.


When you feel upset, listening to music helps you relax. Today you'll have a busy day and won't feel like meeting up. It's just Monday, so your friends won't be around to help anyway.

Reading psychological advice is also good. There's many trustworthy sites on the Internet where you can get informed about your issue (make sure the site looks professional).

You'll feel an unusual pain in your hand, or even an itch. Don't scratch it, if you focus on feeling better this will go away by itself. It's a nerve-based system from a mental overload.