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When you share a thought and your partner grows tense, you tend to censor yourself. You don't feel that much of an urge to share anyway. As long as you can generate brilliant thoughts, you're okay.

But on the other hand, having a partner is supposed to mean sharing things as if you were just one person, at least in something as basic as idea exchanges.

Make the other person get used to you. It isn't so easy to get used to an original thinker, Aquarians. Be patient, love is right there. You just need to polish your tokens of affection!

You can find a partner in places where idea exchange is the main event, if you're still single. Library halls, cultural events or a quiet friend meet-up.


You'll do too much work and find it unfair. But what's to do, Aquarians? It's just one more test on your shoulders. Your first thought is to hold on without making it obvious. You won't give them that pleasure.

Still, many times we mistake personal growth for self-exploitation. But not being able to see where the limits are on time will make you a slave before you know it.

Think deeply, perhaps you should change jobs. No matter how much you endure, you'll feel you can't give any more.

The stars always reward daring Aquarians. Your sign was born to live in a perfectly stable current of instability. Thus, unemployed Aquarians should try out new strategies to call everyone's attention.


You'll feel muscle pain because of a bad posture in bed. Or perhaps you did some heavy work without taking your body's limitations into consideration. Unfortunately, you're now paying the price.

Painkillers will become your best friends. Don't forget to go see your doctor to get the best prescription for you.

Also, using external application creams will help ease your pain a lot, getting tension off your muscles. In this case, asking your local pharmacist will be enough.