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Full Aquarius Magic Horoscope Forecast for Saturday

Your Health, Money and Love Horoscope for Today, 4th August
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One minute things are going smooth as silk, and chaos rules the next. Control your rage fits about the smallest things. Today's fight will relate to external influences that make you lose your patience.

It's more than likely that a relative will want to poke their nose into your business. For quite a while, you've put up with it, and now that you said enough is enough, you'll have a hard time trying to isolate from that nosy relative.

Remember you love each other, regardless of what anyone can say. Instead of wasting your energy fighting what needs to be fought, learn to ignore silly statements.


You are the personification of authority and sensitivity combined. You'll have a wonderful time at work, and if you're involved in a project, you'll make great financial rewards.

Unemployed Aquarians will have to try and get more interested in social work. Self-employment is another alternative, especially if they present a project related to social welfare.

What started as a selfless act could very well become a paid collaboration. You can make a difference and contribute to your community's growth and development. Wouldn't it be grand?


A man who could change your life will come around. He'll know what exact advice to give you about health, and he'll even take you down a spiritual road.

He'll be quite the positive influence. Still, don't take everything literally and don't turn into a fanatic. Life is so much more than meditation and chakra cleansing.

Generally, this is a time of common sense when you'll watch closely what you eat. And not just that; you'll also monitor what you read, what items you purchase... You start making connections and tying everything together. Wholesome health has come to stay.