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Aquarius Magic Horoscope Astral Prediction for 24th February

Read Your Full Horoscope for Today, Saturday 24th February
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It fills you with joy that the core of your relationship is the warmth that comes from combining strengths with your partner.

You're very excited right now, working together to reach common goals, and it seems this collaboration is giving you nothing but benefits.

This can be added into an atmosphere of trust where nobody controls nobody, and there's no account of what each person brings into the mix… A deep mutual respect stops you from questioning your personal worth.

In your case, companionship has taken the shape of a close bond.

For single Aquarians, stars will bring into the spotlight that loyal friend to look at your possibilities under a new light.


Your goals in life are self-control and self-reliance, and fortunately you've got a job that allows you to develop both. You don't mind doing some overtime.

However, at work you'll be demanded to take a step forward today. You'll have to be more active, and apply your imagination and creativity to solve a situation you've been entrusted with.

At the beginning you'll encounter small obstacles that will make you lose confidence in your ability to solve this issue, but through researching the appropriate information, stars predict you'll come out victorious.

Aquarians, if you're out of work, by taking special care of your business and blending in, you'll attract the job of your dreams.



This is the start of a brand new health cycle for you. Like a snake getting rid of its outer skin, you leave behind those stressful concerns on your mind, or at least you learn to keep them at bay.

Progress and rebirth are constant. However, be careful; promoting healthy habits is a war you'll only win if you stay alert on daily battles.

If you're expecting a hospital stay for surgery, or if you're going through a long process of illness, throughout today your doubts and concerns upon these healthcare issues will be solved.