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Aquarius Astral Horoscope for Saturday 21st July by Magic Horoscope

Your Horoscope Prediction for Today, Saturday
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The warmth in your heart you feel everytime you're close draws a big smile on your face.

But it's also true that you're still adapting to each other. You haven't been together for that long, and from time to time, you get texts from people with whom you've ended up sharing more than words.

The game of love can be so hard... On the one hand you love anyone who makes you smile. On the other, you still miss those happy times.

But you'll hurt them for sure if you choose to play the field, Aquarians. The other person knows what they want, and they'll bet on you. Would you do the same? Deep down, you know you would. Cut your ties with the past!


There's situations going on at work over and over. Honestly, they'll kill off your patience.

Many times people don't make efforts, but just because they don't see the whole scope of things. If you're in a managerial position, plan an urgent meeting about what you want to change.

If you're just another team member, go ahead and point out what annoys you. Your managers will definitely consider it, and they'll be thankful to anyone pointing out why things are going wrong.


Today's a Saturday, and your body will definitely want to rest, whether it's because your week was wild, or because you woke up with a hangover!

You're totally abusing your energy storage, Aquarians. Take a break and have something nice and warm for lunch to recover and bring your tired body back into business.

Don't rule out that big headache either. Don't think twice and have a couple aspirin pills. Add that to the calmness of your bed or armchair, and tomorrow you'll be ready to keep enjoying the weekend.