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Full Horoscope for Aquarius for This Coming Saturday 23rd June by Magic Horoscope

Astral Prediction for Today, Saturday
Aquarius Daily Horoscope |



Your high intelligence may make you too critical and ironic. An aspect of Mercury syncing with Mars will boost that side of yours even more, with all its consequences: other people won't keep quiet and you'll get answers with that same 'sour' tone!

In a way, you love witty replies. You need to be challenged intellectually. But be careful, forcing relationships the whole time can make others tired of these constant attacks.

There's more constructive ways to use that verbal aggressiveness. For example, write a blog. Whoever reads you will probably be someone who enjoys those exchanges. And it's less likely that you'll offend anyone.

The big promises you get will leave you indifferent; you'll instantly feel someone's trying to manipulate you. It's a hard day for love.


Aquarius has always been a cutting-edge sign. Your professional development will depend on how well you handle your social networks. Mercury, in sync with Neptune, will activate the most futuristic side of your thinking.

Try to improve your training at all costs. Get lessons or read on your own. You'll need it to progress. You'll see how workshops and training courses on this topic start popping out. Don't think twice and sign up!

Today you can earn extra money by filling in online surveys. Whatever's related to the Internet will bring you good luck, Aquarians.

Here's the star advice for unemployed Aquarians: get away from traditional job-hunting methods. Try making a video CV. Upload a video online and share your experience. You'll be a shining star with a witty personality!


Spending hours on end in the same posture makes your body and thoughts numb! Get up and stretch a little. A five-minute break will allow you to activate yourselves at all levels.

A slobby body posture is what gives you those mysterious pains, Aquarians. Little by little, your spine is twisting. Try to stay up straight!

If you see this is absolutely hard, a tip to keep the right posture at all times is to try to keep your shoulders as far from your ears as possible.

This occurs when the shoulder blades come together. With practice, this motion will become automatic.