Aquarius Daily Horoscope
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You planned that on Saturday you'd spend more time with the owner of your heart. Your partner, or a long-time friend. For once, you set your priorities aside. You make sacrifices that aren't exactly little for you.

And despite your efforts... nothing! You'll feel unappreciated. You may receive unreasoned criticism, or the other person just may not be in the mood.

These things happen, Aquarians! Probably you went through something similar in the past, but on the other side. Life sets you on both sections of the stage.

The universe will want you to really focus your attention on that person. What you prepared for them... did you actually do it for them, or just to receive flattery?


You spend Sunday the best way you can, planning the future. Maybe you'll think about starting up a business; you've got an idea and you're starting to arrange plans.

Before moving on, make sure you're surrounded by the right people. There'll be those who will want you to fail, and others who'll want you to rise. Even those who are willing to invest by your side.

You'll have grants or some sort of help. Get informed on this, because it'd be really sad if you let this chance slide.

On the other hand, try to get acknowledged as an entrepreneur. There's conferences on this everywhere, and many people willing to help, if you show you're interested and driven enough.


Today's star advice is to get abundantly hydrated, Aquarians. The influence of planets will make you keep fluids in your body.

On the other hand, if you feel your legs hurting, you can try to improve blood flow thanks to horsetail.

It works wonders on lowering your blood pressure. It is made in the form of tea, so it will give you your much needed liquids.