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Full Aquarius Magic Horoscope for Saturday, 30 June

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Break-ups are never easy, even if you were who took the plunge. Feelings don't fade overnight, and even if you love less than you used to, affection will always be around.

But you know your needs, and your objective mind tells you that person is stopping you from moving on. You made the right choice, even if it hurts all the same.

Amidst this emotional storm, someone irresistibly attractive will show up today or in the days to come.

Stars encourage you to be alone for a while in order to assume your loss and focus on your goals. Get to know them, but little by little, and tell them about your situation. If they're honestly interested, they'll understand.

To fill your heart again, you need to empty it completely first.


Every now and then you look behind and see that things haven't gone as planned.

You don't have a steady job? You're not getting as much money as you'd like? Life isn't over yet, and as long as you're standing, there's always hope.

Don't expect a miracle to turn up and solve everything, but if you only see the negative side of life, you'll age sooner than you should!

Assume you've made the choices you thought were appropriate and stop feeling bad about it. You write fate with your attitude, Aquarians. Time to look forward!




Being too tired or irritated for no reason isn't normal. Even less so in you, because you're normally calm individuals who enjoy their daily life.

Watch your diet, if you're a vegetarian or following a strict low-cal diet. You could be missing out on nutrients.

In that case, go see your doctor to find out how you can get them back without resorting to an animal-based diet.

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