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Aquarius Magic Horoscope Prediction for this Coming Saturday 24th March

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People think you're mysterious. Maybe you're too independent. Aquarians, this is obviously your element, but it's time to let the water in your jar overflow.

Let your hair down this Saturday! Go out and have fun. A night to remember, indeed. Anything on your mind will be a good idea. Dance like there's no tomorrow and you'll inspire others.

Stars reassure you when attracting new friends into your life to share different interests. People who could even have a deeper interest in astrology, with unconventional tastes.


When stars aren't your friends, they just aren't, Aquarians. Don't try to force things. After getting bad news you won't want things to end that way.

You'll fight with sticks and stones to get your job back. You're very likely to be right when thinking that firing you was a mistake, but you won't be able to do much about it.

You'll start tiresome and costly legal procedures which won't be much successful either. If you keep going, you'll waste a great sum of money.

All you'll get in the end will be a huge loss of energy for nothing. Stop trying. It's time for you to calm down and accept you've lost the war.

It's okay, it's just a temporary defeat. You'll get many other chances to fight and become victorious.


You're probably feeling strong and your energy will be high. In the past you've been ill, but your body has managed to recover fast enough.

Now it's time for you to get a blood test. No matter how good you feel, blood issues won't show up on your physical status until it's too late.

Right now you could have high cholesterol or urea levels and you're not doing anything about it, just because you feel fine.

Coronary illnesses and kidney stones would be just some of the consequences of not taking care of this.

You should get an appointment to get an overall check-up, because it's best to prevent when your health is at stake.