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Aquarius Horoscope Prediction for This Coming Saturday 12th May by Magic Horoscope

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They don't answer your calls, they show signs of life when and how they want... If that's how your partner behaves and you've barely started dating, what can you expect in the future?

Respecting yourself is the path to dignity. When you respect yourself and bring coherence into your values and choices, you respect yourself and others respect you.

Maybe you've tolerated this for a while. And since you're not being respected, you need to act accordingly, Aquarians. Your dignity is non-negotiable.

Other people are willing to share your life while still respecting your authenticity. Don't stoop down or bet on a relationship that doesn't bet back on you. And especially, find someone who will respect your time and won't sneak off somewhere else.


You were born with a powerful intuition you may be ignoring. You perfectly know what you want and what works for you.

However, for whatever reason, you'd rather follow everyone else instead of your heart's desires. That's how you keep losing battles, Aquarians!

As you learn to risk it, you'll find out that life leads you on the way. If you don't start walking, you'll never get to be who you really are.

Quit that dreaded job. And stop living in fear. You need to be aware that you are the one generating fear in your mind. There's no reason to mistrust your chances of success.


Anxiety will always be under your control as long as you follow the tips that have worked so far. Remember everything you know about it, which is more than you think. You've managed to successfully overcome this temporary challenge before.

What happens is, when anxiety levels get too high, you freeze. Don't worry, start breathing in very consciously of what you're doing. You'll see that at a set pace, your inner nervousness state will diminish.

Anxiety is a synonym for too much future thinking. Live in the here and now. No matter how clichéd it sounds, you need to be reminded of it every now and then.