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Magic Horoscope Brings You The Latest Aquarius Prediction for this Coming Saturday 5th May

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Don't cling to your idea of a relationship. Aquarians, you're the worst at this; life is always trying to show you there's other ways to do things.

You think your partner's more traditional than you, you're afraid of sharing your ideas on things they might not understand, like polyamory.

Be brave and set the cards upon the table. You'll be surprised to find your partner isn't as close-minded as you thought. In the end, they're dating you for a reason!

Uranus will be in your favour and you'll bump with another crazy head like you, an unattached single. Life is too short and they're too willing to take as many wild rides as they can!


You're incredible. Sometimes you're extremely rational, but other times emotions overwhelm you. You can't think clearly. Oh, dear.

You may trust your instinct when making everyday simple choices, but you need logic for everything else. Otherwise, it'd be too easy to go wrong.

To make that business project progress, you'll inevitably have to harmonise both ends of the spectrum.

And this goes for all chores where you want to excel, whether at work or on your own time, which require this balance.

Your impact lasts less if you do your work impeccably but it turns out boring. Take this advice as well if you're going to a job interview.


It's vitally important for you to have real true friends. They balance your inside world.

Having a partner has nothing to do with this. They won't ever be like a close friend that you haven't slept with! Aquarians know this by heart and intuition.

There's certain communication limits you can't step on with a partner, but with a long-time friend, you'll be willing to share your darkest secrets.

They mean therapy for you, Aquarians. Never neglect them for too long, even if you're dating and have things to do.