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Your partner is telling you off more and more often. It's actually nothing important, but it hurts to see them have so little sympathy for you.

If you need to avoid being yourself to have a relationship, that's not good at all. Perhaps you've given in too much. Before you make a decision, keep your head cool and think twice.

You need to talk it over once and for all. You'll clean the mental wounds disturbing you; otherwise, this relationship is going nowhere.

You think that talking about the relationship all the time makes you miss out on the bliss of living together, but once all topics are done, peace will rule.

You need to learn about the other person's emotional handling, and that takes a lot of time and patience.

To sum up, our star advice is to take deep breaths to avoid awkward conversations.


You feel yourself drowning in a sea of uncertainty. The future's right there, but you don't know how to model it... Do you need creativity to choose a path, perhaps?

You'll have to find a real purpose, not the one your loved ones or society as a whole expects from you. What's your lifelong goal? Think twice and redesign your long-term goals.

It is said that highly successful people spend at least 10 hours a week considering future possibilities. There's no other way but to think deep and hard, Aquarians.

You'll understand you've connected with your essence once your plans start bringing in the rewards. The stars will want you to tread that path, and they will show their approval through success.

If you're out of work, there's a meditation stage coming to rethink your career. Stars encourage you to avoid being impulsive: don't jump into job hunting if you don't have a clear job goal aside from making money.


You'll have sleep problems because you never know when to stop, Aquarians. When you feel stuck doing a task, you don't quit until it's fully done!

Your mind may be buzzing with activity, but overdue sleep hours never come back. As we grow older, we tend to sleep less.

If this situation doesn't change, you won't only be tired during daytime, but you'll also be an easy target for certain neurological illnesses because the brain regenerates during sleep.

Put off for tomorrow some of what you're doing today. Your health comes first.