Aquarius Horoscope Prediction for This Coming Sunday 22nd April by Magic Horoscope

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Even if you can't admit it, you worry about what others think more than you'd want. You can play the rebel and be the most daring one, but society will put you in your right place.

You're right; human beings should be free enough as to express themselves any way they want, but unfortunately that's not the case.

Still, your lifelong mission is to keep breaking the molds. It can't be any other way. Today's your day to get some self-confidence and keep holding on, no matter where you find negativity.

Those who really love you would never hurt you. Remember this before you let someone influence you. Ignore all negative opinions from mediocre souls.


It's reflection day. Just this once you're not in a hurry for the future to come. You step on the break and sit down to do some reflection. Sometimes you need it, only you know when it's time for a recap.

You'll find that you've actually gone a long way. Maybe things didn't go as planned, but realise that in each of those situations, you were able to get life lessons that have made you who you are.

The past shouldn't chain you down, but it gives you clues about what you need to do in the near future. It should be useful! Listen closely to your own story.

The money you gave will come back to you as an invitation. You don't mind, you'll be satisfied as long as the gesture comes back.


You'll be willing to invest in your health for once. It seems like your attitude is changing, and you're slowly learning how good it feels to take care of yourself.

This change may come because you've had to care for others. That makes you more aware of your "material reality". You truly grow when you socialise with others.

You'll buy some vitamins to keep your immune system strong, or you may choose exotic foods which will have extraordinary consequences on your health.

In this sense, quinoa is perfect because it doesn't have any cholesterol or gluten, and it's a high-performing energy source; you know you're prone to weight fluctuations.