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Aquarius Magic Horoscope for 5th August

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You're trying to take the lead of your relationship, although the end is near. Or at least, the end of things as you know them within your relationship is near.

It's not your fault; you've given it you all, but love is a game for two, and if the other person doesn't get involved, all is lost.

The stars suggest that things might get better if you decided to relax a little bit. Give the other person a chance to awaken and fight for love.

In any case, you should be happy about everything you've lived together, whether a lot or barely anything. They're nice, but sometimes it's time to move on, Aquarians.


The strength of your wits will take you far, but don't let your ideas run wild. Your job environment is a little conservative.

People appreciate your freshness, whether you bring it to how you treat them or act around work. Still, you need to keep control and avoid overdoing it, because otherwise you'll send the wrong message. You make people feel like they don't belong there.

Getting in touch with someone at work will bring you good luck. They may give you the chance of getting money easily. But be careful, because they'll want a favour in exchange in the future.

When going job-hunting, show your strengths and get away from eccentric behaviours. They'll notice it when you try to impress with some "home truths".


You have tremendous inner energy. You've always considered yourselves energetic and willing. Still, you're exposing yourselves to certain circumstances that drain your incredible life energy.

You don't fully agree with this, but sometimes peer pressure makes you do what you don't want to do. It's even harder to avoid it if the bad influence comes from your partner.

Now you're at a stage where you're more aware of what your body does and you'll know how to stay in balance, which will bring back your unparalleled energy! Protect your energy stock, there have been many emotional vampires coming closer lately.