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Full Aquarius Magic Horoscope Forecast for Sunday

Your Health, Money and Love Horoscope for Today, 15th July
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Being cheap could ruin a fantastic romantic plan. Saturn will pressure you to save money, and it will be hard for you to give your all when having to spend money.

Either you or your partner won't go with the flow. Instead of just moving on, stop and sit to talk about your feelings.

How can you ever have a good time if the other person's not enjoying it? Normally you're a loner, but you're doing yourselves no favour acting as if they didn't exist.

Propose something cheap to do but which you can enjoy anyway. A walk around nature, a free movie night... find solutions instead of breaking your mind, Aquarians.


Your mind is closed off to fortune. Why? You grew up believing that if you don't try hard enough, nothing will come on your lap.

The mind that doesn't expect goes nowhere, just like the eyes that don't understand what they see can't give an interpretation. You're much more fortunate than you think, but your attention is focused on the wrong place.

If you could stop just for a minute to think about all the events and lucky breaks that had to happen for friends or jobs to come into your life... Be thankful for what's coming!

Thus, focusing your mind on the positive things, you'll start to see miracles happening every day.


Regarding your health, things will be sort of complicated, Aquarians. A disturbing situation will lead you into taking some risky measures.

The possibility of bumping into people from your past whom you'd thought you'd been over will be the main trigger for your old ways.

Just to relive the good old times... You can no longer have a whole bottle of alcohol!

The best thing here is to remember your healthy resolutions, because otherwise you just won't move on. People change. You're adults now! Raise your voice, Aquarians.

Bring out your conservative side, which is running high right now, and if you should avoid wasting money on something, this is it.