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Aquarius Magic Horoscope Prediction for This Coming Sunday 22nd July

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A good-looking Venus will give you a perfect day, congratulations on that! If you've kept an important ongoing conflict with your partner or family, you will come back together as if nothing had happened.

The only trouble is, perhaps it's been long since you last got intimate with your partner. It's something you're starting to miss out on in your relationship. Create the perfect setting and moment, and a little initiative on your side will make your night together a magical time.

Single Aquarians will feel incredibly seductive, and won't let the chance to use all their charms slip away.


The fear of losing money will be real. There's people who could carry out legal actions against you. You'll have to pay up, and you're in for a long time of restrictive measures. But don't worry, because you won't be missing out on anything.

You'll also have the feeling you're losing time, and time is money! Even if you can't fully focus on your tasks, try doing as much as you can. You'll be thankful for whatever minor progress you make today.

At least, if you're job-hunting, you'll get it as long as you show your serious side. They need someone responsible to rely on; show them that could be you.


It's a Sunday and you really don't feel like cooking. You don't even know what ingredients you have in your pantry!

Break off that laziness and peek into your fridge. Think about a simple yet nutritious recipe and get ready to pop out into the supermarket. You especially need to eat protein.

Until you don't boost your brain with energy, you'll spend all day behaving almost like a zombie. After you eat, you'll see the world under a different light. What are you waiting for? Get on it!